Senate Daily Journal

The Senate Daily Journal contains the proceedings of the Senate. Such proceedings include: the title of each measure considered and the vote thereon, messages from the Governor and Assembly, reports from Senate committees, and the contents of petitions, memorials, or other papers presented to, and authorized by, the Senate.

2017-18 Session

The Senate Daily Journal for the current legislative session can be found at our Legislative Information website under the tab "Publications."

State Agency Reports

Reports of state departments and agencies can be found in the Appendix to the Senate Journal which is published at the end of each month. - (Updated through July 2018)

Access to Previous Session Journals

  • To reference the Senate Daily Journals from the 2005-06 Session through the 2015-16 Session, please see the Senate Daily Journal Archive.
  • To reference the 2003-04 Senate Journal, please see Senate Journal, Prior Session.
  • To reference Senate Journals prior to 2003, please see the Archived Publications page on the Assembly Chief Clerk's website. Please note that although the links are entitled "California State Assembly Journals," the link may take you to both the Assembly and Senate Journals for the referenced session.