Questions about the Senate

How do I file a sexual harassment complaint?

There are various options to file a complaint.  Visit Reporting Sexual Harassment to learn more.

How do I find my state Senator?

You can enter your address using the link Find My Senator. Both your Senator and Assemblymember will be listed.

How do I contact my Senator? 

You can contact your Senator by visiting our online Senate Roster. You will see a "contact me" link underneath their name.

What is the membership of the Senate?

There is a total of 40 Senators. For the current membership, visit our online Senate Roster.

How many people does each Senator represent?

Each Senator represents approximately 988,086 Californians.

How long is a Senate term?

The Senate has a membership of 40 Senators elected for 4-year terms, 20 to begin every 2 years. During his or her lifetime a person may serve no more than 12 years in the Senate, Assembly, or both, in any combination of terms.

When are Members elected?

Members of the Senate representing odd-numbered districts will have elections during the presidential election years. Members representing even-numbered districts will have elections at the same time as California’s constitutional officers; e.g., Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Treasurer, Secretary of State, and Controller.

Where can I get information on the Senate Leadership?

Visit our Leadership page.

Who is the leader of the Senate?

Leadership of the "Upper House" is vested in the President pro Tempore, who is chosen by his or her fellow Senators. The State Constitution designates the Lieutenant Governor as President of the Senate, but he/she has only a casting vote.

When does the Senate generally meet for Floor Session?

The Senate usually meets on Mondays and Thursdays. This is subject to change. Please visit our online Senate Events to see the schedule.

Can I visit the Senate Chamber during live Floor Session?

Yes, the public can watch a live Floor Session from the Senate gallery.

Can the public testify before a Senate committee?

Yes. Contact the committee you would like to testify in front of, or visit our Committees webpage for more information.

What is the Daily File?

The Senate Daily File is the agenda for all Senate business for each legislative day. Agendas for policy committee meetings along with what measures are eligible for floor actions are listed. Also, included are policy committee memberships, number of measures introduced, deadlines and a session schedule. 

What is the Senate Daily Summary?

The Senate Daily Summary is a quick-reference listing of the legislative activity of Senate measures for any given legislative day and can be found on the History webpage.

What is the Senate Weekly History?

The Senate History is a weekly publication that includes chapter and veto information, what and how many bills a Senator has introduced, what committees a Senator is a Member of, and a calendar of legislative days. 

What is the Senate Daily Journal?

The Senate Journal is the legal document of the Senate which contains all legislative proceedings (Floor and Standing Committee) for any given legislative day.

Where can I read the Standing Rules of the Senate and Assembly and the Joint Rules of the Senate and Assembly?

The Standing Rules of the Senate and Assembly and the Joint Rules of the Senate and Assembly are adopted as resolutions in each house and can be viewed by clicking the appropriate links here: SenateAssembly, and Joint Rules

Where can I find Senate Expenditure reports?


Where can I find Senate salaries?

You can find Senate Member salaries here:  Senate Member Salaries.

You can find Senate employee salaries here: Senate Employee Salaries.

 Questions about the Legislature

When does the Legislature convene?

The Legislature convenes on the first Monday in December of even-numbered years.

How long is a legislative session?

Each legislative session is two years.

How do I get information on a legislative measure?

Visit the California Legislative Information page for information on measures. You will find information on legislative measures from 1999 until present day.

You can also view current and past legislative information, including the Senate Daily Summary and the Senate Weekly History, at the Senate History webpage.

How do I get information on a measure by subject matter?

Visit the California Legislative Information page to search by "text"; or to search by "subject," visit Legislative Index.

How do I get information on past legislative sessions?

You can view Senate Histories and Journals from past legislative sessions.

Where can I  find a list of former California Legislators or California Congressional Representatives?

The Senate produces a chart of all California State Senators and Officers who have served from 1849 to the current session. The chart includes names in alphabetical order, party affiliation, county representation, and legislative sessions served for each member.

Additionally, the same charts are available for the California Assembly Members and OfficersU.S. House of Representatives from California and United States Senators from California.

Where can I read the California Constitution?

Click here for the online version of the California Constitution.

Where can I find information on California laws and codes?

Visit our California Codes.

Where can I find Gifts to a Public Agency Form 801 filings?

You can find a list of Form 801 filings by year here.

Where can I find information on new laws going into effect in January 2024?

You can find information on new laws here.

You can find information on past laws here.

 Questions about the Capitol Building

Where can I find information on visiting the Capitol?

The Capitol Museum has helpful information.

What memorials are featured in Capitol Park?

You can find information on all the memorials featured in the Capitol Park by visiting the California Parks website.

 Questions about bike routes to the Capitol

Where can I find Bike Routes to the Capitol?

You can find designated bike routes up to the building and bike racks are available to the public at the North and South entrances.