Teleconference – Tips for Success

Teleconference Quick Tips

  1. Call the toll free number and enter the access code
  2. You will enter the 'waiting room' where you can listen but will be muted
  3. Mute the device you are watching the hearing on
  4. Listen to the hearing using the phone
  5. When prompted for your position dial 1-0 (one time only)
  6. Be patient and an operator will give you a line number, there can be a short wait
  7. Once you receive your line number, you are now in the queue
  8. Wait in the queue, the moderator will call your line number and unmute you
  9. You are now ready to address the committee

Watch the Video: How to Give Public Comment with the Telephone System

Testifying via Teleconference – Tips for Success

  • For all individuals wishing to provide public comment, you will need a participation number and access code. The participant toll free number and access code is posted on the committee website and it will be displayed on the screen during the committee hearing. The Chair will also announce the numbers at the beginning of the hearing.
  • Upon calling in, you will be placed in a “waiting room” where you will be muted but you can listen to the committee hearing as you wait. It is very important to note, when you are calling in, you must mute the device you are watching the committee hearing on. There is approximately a 40 second lag time between the phone and video. In order for you to stay in “real time” and to know when you are being prompted to give testimony, you must listen through your phone and NOT follow the live video.
  • When a committee moves to public comment, a moderator will ask for anyone who is wishing to testify in “Support” of the bill to please press 1-0. The moderator will again prompt those waiting in “Opposition” when the committee moves to opposition. You should press 1-0 when you are prompted by the moderator – be sure to listen for support or opposition and DO NOT press 1-0 until the proper position has been asked for.
  • When you press 1-0 on your phone, you will wait and an operator will assign you a line number, at that time you will be placed in the queue for identification. Remember your line number, the moderator will call out that number to identify YOU when it is your turn to testify. OF IMPORTANT NOTE: If you press 1-0 a second time, you will remove yourself from the queue and you will not be identified to testify. Every time you press 1-0 you either put yourself “In queue” or take yourself “Out of queue” so listen carefully, through your phone, and press 1-0 only once when you are prompted by the moderator.
  • If you should accidently press 1-0 during “Support” when you would like to testify during “Opposition” you can press 1-0 again. This takes you out of the queue and places you back into the “waiting room”. You can then wait for “Opposition” to be called and press 1-0 at that time, putting you back into the queue to receive a line number from the operator.
  • When you are successfully in the queue, with your assigned line number, the moderator will identify you individually, open your line, and at that time you may address the committee. You must have your own phone unmuted or we will not be able to hear you. OF IMPORTANT NOTE: In order for us to hear you clearly and to avoid acoustic feedback, you must mute the device you are watching the hearing on prior to giving testimony over the phone.
  • If you were not able to testify, please submit your comments or suggestions, in writing, to the Committee or visit the Committee’s website. Your comments and suggestions are important to us and we want to include your testimony in the official hearing records. It is important that we hear from you and we thank you for your patience and appreciate your participation.

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